connecting brands and communities

We build scalable community programmes that build trust, amplify messages and drive sustainable growth

We engage your customers through the lens of their communities, generating positive word of mouth through their networks

We can connect your brand to over 15.3 million households from 16,000+ profiled communities and their members using data, insights and leverage points

About Jalebi

Jalebi is an Indian sweet made and shared on celebratory occasions by families and communities: buying a new house, a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a new child or business. It’s also the name of the UK’s fastest growing community engagement agency.


our impact

We build trust

Brands that have the trust of society are more successful, by every measurement.

Individual communities are the building blocks of society. Connecting with them builds trust for brands, companies and organisations.


We amplify messages

Most businesses are good at addressing the customer question ‘What’s in it for me?’.
To amplify messages and drive word of mouth, you also have to address a second question ‘What’s in it for us – the community?


We drive sustainable growth

Communities are trusted reference points for your customers. Success for brands comes from knowing how to harness community networks and use them to spread positive word-of-mouth. Skilfully executed community programmes will drive sustainable growth, generating sales at a lower cost.


our work

Voice of the Community

Jalebi’s approach is built on a deep understanding of the structures, ambitions and needs of communities around the UK.

We analyse how brands and organisations can help to achieve the aims of communities and their members while meeting their own objectives.


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