Welcome to Jalebi

Jalebi is the celebration sweet of the Indian Subcontinent. It’s also an appetizingly original marketing concept dedicated to connecting all kinds of brands with communities ranging from the ethnic to the entrepreneurial.


Jalebi was set up to provide a new way for brands to go to market and engage with real life communities. We understand how people and brands behave in the context of community.


By recognizing a UK community ready for engagement, Jalebi has been able to successfully pioneer some of our revolutionary community marketing techniques. And what we can do for British Indians we can do for other identifiable audiences – to the benefit of both brands and consumers.


Jalebi knows what makes communities tick. We bring anthropological insights to the table in support of our specialist marketing expertise to deliver dedicated programmes for scalable solutions.



Jalebi Consult

Jalebi Consult is our marketing strategy, business consultancy and analytical arm. It helps us to reach out to the core needs of companies or organisations, and identify opportunities to connect brands with all kinds of communities.

Jalebi Communicate

Jalebi Communicate is our brand communications agency, offering a full online, offline and through the line service to our marketing clients. We build campaigns on insights and motivational propositions – focusing on the end consumer through the lens of their community.

Jalebi Connect

Jalebi Connect is on the marketing frontline – offering products and services to individually identified communities via our own website and other specialist media which we develop and control.